Best Open-source rich text editor:

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Mar 28, 2021

What is a Text Editor(open-source)?

Text editors(open-source) are software that allows you open, edit, and create text files. These text editors can open code files such as C++, Python, and Java as well as all text file types including HTML, CSS, CSV, and TXT. Such software are sometimes known as “notepad”, named after the Microsoft notepad. Text editors focus on editing functions for plain text, unlike word processors that add formatting to text.

Best open-source rich text editor: 

We might make mistakes in coding. And when we make mistakes in coding, our commands don’t work. But we do have tools that help us minimalize the risk of making mistakes. These open-source text editors can not only edit the text but also HTML codes. In short, Spellchecks help us with writing and HTML(HyperText Markup Language) editor with everything else. HTML editors help us write codes in a faster and more efficient way thanks to their useful features. In the following, we look at the excessive features behind the HTML editors/ Open source text editors and mention which HTML editor you should use.

Sublime Text:

The Sublime Text is known for its excellent performance and useful features. One of those features is the minimap that allows users to have a view of their code while working. The Goto Anything is the best way to open files. One unique thing about Sublime is that it has color-coded support for several doubtful and specialized languages, like Go, Erlang, Lua, and Lisp. Sublime Text is Lightweight and it makes the software super fast. 

It’s time to share some drawbacks. It doesn’t have auto-save a document, and some of the plugins are complicated and hard to understand. Plus free to use version constantly prompts users to purchase the full version.


Atom is an open-resource and free HTML text editor. Atom is among the best text editors and is well-supported by the GitHub community. IT has a modular design and beautiful UI. Atom has an exceptional plugin library that contains everything you look for. It provides good syntax highlighting and other interactive support for many languages through its plug-ins. You can check your code easily and has a nice structure.

While we talked about the Pros of this software, It’s time to point out some of its cons, the software is slow with large files and has a slow startup. It can not run code directly and is not available with the notebook. The software cannot be added to ec2.


Notepad++ is a clean and simple editor. Notepad++ supports more than 80 different languages including HTML,PHP, and JavaScript. If quick selection is what you care about, the functions list, autocompletion, and syntax highlighting tools provided by the Notepad++ can serve you well. There are a variety of exceptional and free plugins present in this software. These traits make it a great code editor.

For the cons, It sometimes struggles with opening large files. It also works in Windows. It doesn’t have Dark-mode which is very popular.

Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor that provides a wide variety of features and tools. These include, embedded Git, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, support for debugging, code refactoring, and snippets. If you switch back and forth between multiple projects, the Project manager feature is the best. IntelliSense provides you with smart completions based on your types, modules, and functions. Plus, Visual Studio Code supports built-in plugins as well as providing multiple languages such as Python, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

The Cons to point out are that It has a poor interface The software doesn’t have enough support for Front End codings such as CSS, and HTML. It doesn’t have a live view during coding in the window itself.

So What is an HTML editor? And what differs between HTML editors and Open-source editors?

 In general, HTML editors and Open-source editors are the same things. HTML editors are where we write instructions for websites. Speaking of instruction, We mean without mistake instruction and instruction that websites understand. Overall, HTML editors add to your website functionality and check the errors made in the code. All HTML editors have the same fundamentals; providing auto-completion as well as insert commonly used HTML structures and elements, helping you write code by highlighting syntaxes.

Despite all these similarities, the HTML editors are not the same. Some of these editors are easier to use while others give more options and features.

Final Note:

To sum up, there are tons of HTML editors out there that can help you get your codes right. These software vary dramatically. They have various functionality, layout, features, tools, and experiences. Choosing which HTML editors to choose well depends on the users and their taste. So make sure to choose what works for you and what works for your business.

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