Python is an example of what type of programming language

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Apr 10, 2021

Have you heard of people talking about python? yeah, Python language, not the kind of Python that eats big prey like pigs, monkeys. In the following, we’re going to talk about a coding language that is not related to any kind of animal. We’ll have a glance at what the language is, what is it’s for, Its pros and its cons.

What is Python?

Python is a very common programming language that interprets words to commands for computers, just like Java or C and other similar programming languages. It uses understandable words like Print, Total, Penny, currency, and other vocabularies. Its features gave programmers the ability to write clean and sensible code for all sizes of projects. First, we need to know who and when invented this phenomenal language. Guido van Rossum developed this language and released it on February 20, 1991. Guido van Rossum is a Dutch programmer who has written about 20 books that are all about this language.

Python is an example of what type of programming language

As I already said “it is a language that interprets words to commands for computers, like C++ and Smalltalk and …”, which means that this language is an example of, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. 

It is a great time to know the Pros and Cons of Python.

Its Pros

  • It’s free and It’s open-sources
  • It’s easy to read, learn and write
  • Python has Interpreted language and executes the code line by line.
  • It’s dynamically Typed.
  • It supports vast libraries

Its Cons

  • Python is a bit slow at speed.
  • It occupies a large amount of memory.
  • It has difficulty in using other languages
  • It’s weak in Mobile Computing
  • It consists of underdeveloped Database Access Layers.

Python is easy to learn and use

The language has adequate numbers of features, needing a comparatively tiny investment of effort or time to produce your first programs. The Python syntax is straightforward and It’s designed to be both readable and straightforward. Newcomers pick it up quickly due to the lucidity of this teaching language. Consequentially, developers tend to spend more time thinking about the problem they’re trying to solve rather than spending much time thinking about language complications.

How Python makes programming simple

For IT projects, one has to write codes to get things done. It’s required to upload these codes, clean them up, fix them, and automate them just to do things routinely that can be time-consuming. With the help of the Python language, we can do things easier and faster. Python easily understands the codes, therefore the developers can focus more on what to accomplish. Python has a wild library of plugins that executes a variety kinds of projects

Libraries provided with Python as well as third-party libraries available separately make it easier to do many high-level jobs IT professionals deal with on a daily basis. Python is used in manual tasks such as; making ADI for web Servers, managing virtual machines, and modifying network settings.  Python is also used in jobs like scientific and statistical work and creating machines, because of the simplicity of these languages.

Important Note: Writing programs with Python is fast but the pace of programs running generally isn’t that great. Python lags behind other writing languages such as JavaScript, C, C++ that run faster than programs written by Python. Python can also run fast when it needs to. The trick is to use the mini third-party libraries for python that are written in faster languages.

Why it is so popular?

It is very popular because it is very beginner-friendly and useful for many people. People Software Engineers, Kids, Mathematicians, Data Analysts, scientists, Accountants, Network Engineers use this language food much variety of tasks like programming artificial intelligence, Data analysis, visualization, automation, and also it helps us with many boring tasks like copying files and renaming folders and moving them around.  Many people use this language to create Web apps and Mobile apps, desktop apps, Testing.

Top apps that were made by python

In conclusion

Python is an exceptional language that not only helps us get our programs done but also to explore the programming field in a broader way. You easily get things done, and with the help of other mini-third party libraries, It executes orders faster and helps the programs run faster than ever. 

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