What is the latest version of PowerDirector?

Written by Rajaiebrothers

Jun 27, 2021

PowerDirector seems to take video editing to the next level. New features and an easy-to-learn environment attract editors from both professionals and those who recently joined the world of video editing. This article will show what the software is, what the new updates brought, and what it can offer.

What is PowerDirector?

PowerDirector developed by Cyberlink is a video editing software. The software was first launched in 2005 and since then, it went through major upgrades that gave new features to it but also a new purpose. It enables you to create videos faster. In fact, The software certainly has a faster processing system compared to some of its counterparts.

The latest version:

The latest version of PowerDirector is version 19.0 that was released in Sep. 2020. The new version brought new features as well as big improvements. It has an enhanced audio mixing room, vertex selection masks, Anchor point, better color-correcting, and a sketch Designer.

Is PowerDirector good for YouTube videos?

PowerDirector is a great software to create all sorts of videos. If you want to create sensational videos with spending less time, PowerDirector is a great choice. Its simple design makes it easier to learn. The effects and the features enable you to create quality-based videos. Plus the tutorials show every step needed to become a professional.

Can I install PowerDirector on two computers?

A single user is able to use PowerDirector on multiple devices, but not at the same time. 

Cyberlink PowerDirector alternatives?

There are so many other video editing software out there. Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondeshore Filmora, Pinnacle Studio are just a few examples of them. These are great software, but what makes this particular software distinctive are its simplicity and user-friendly atmosphere. But of course, the choice comes to your needs and budget.

Can the software convert videos from one format to another format?

The software allows you to export the videos in the following formats; MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV-AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC. For the formats such as MKV, MP4, Youtube, FLV, AUI, you need to convert it first. For doing that, first, you need to export the videos in WMV format. Then you can use the VIP Video Converter to export any of the formats mentioned above.

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