What is the difference between InDesign and Illustrator?

Written by Rajaiebrothers

May 18, 2021

Indesign and Illustrator are both among the 20+ software of the Adobe Creative Cloud. They have many similarities and differences that make them both similar and distinct at the same time. These similarities and differences need to be addressed. The following article explores what each software is, what it’s used for, what makes them different, what makes them similar, and which one to use primarily.

What is Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator or simply known as Illustrator is a professional vector-based drawing and design software. Illustrator is mainly used for designing logos, icons, mascots, blueprints, and one-page documents. In 1987, Illustrator was first released for Apple Macintosh at the time. Now Microsoft Windows users also can run the program on their device.

Use the link to access the tutorials meant to guide you through the software.

What is InDesign:

Adobe Indesign is the page and layout design software in the digital media and print industry. This desktop publisher is used to design digital magazines, posters, ebooks, interactive PDFs, flyers, annual reports, brochures, and so many more things that Users can use precise guides and grids to position page elements and create published layouts. Format text across chapters, pages, and publications using typesetting features.

Use the link to access the tutorials meant to guide you through the software.

Illustrator against InDesign:

  • The InDesign features, type wrapping too, are far superior to Illustrators.
  • Illustrator can’t automatically implement page numbers.
  • Illustrator’s drawing capabilities are more powerful than InDesign’s.
  • Illustrator doesn’t allow users to use master pages.


Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign are similar but different software. One is a page and layout design software, and the other one is a vector-based drawing and design software. The two have different functionalities that make them distinct. The two can’t be judged because of what they are and what they can execute.

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